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Wonderland Online previews upcoming expansion

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IGG has announced that Wonderland Online’s expansion is coming soon. As such, they’ve previewed the changes.

The expansion will add a marriage system for players, new maps including Rome and Persia, new bosses and NPCs, three new Deity Beasts, and two new human “pets” – Shizune and Hayate.

The Original Press Release:

New Wonderland Online Expansion Coming Soon

IGG’s Wonderland Online ( team recently announced that the new version 5.0, dubbed Glory of the Empire, will be released soon. Here’s a preview of some of the new features and content players can look forward to experiencing when the update goes live.

Marriage System
One of the most hotly anticipated new features is the marriage system. Players can enjoy a stylish wedding complete with a gorgeous wedding dress, red carpet, pink roses and, of course, best wishes from all their friends. If a character meets the prerequisites for marriage, they can enjoy a unique wedding ceremony with their sweetheart.

New Maps
Anyone who likes to explore will want to check out the new maps, including Rome and Persia. On the new maps players will get to meet Caesar, Persian beauties, and other intriguing characters. With more new stories, explorers and quest-lovers alike can immerse themselves in new adventures.

Powerful Bosses & New NPCs
In addition to the new maps, powerful new bosses will be popping up throughout the game, such as huge legendary Greek monsters like the Cyclops, a fierce Winged Bull and more. New NPCs include the Persian King, Persian Noble, Roman Centurion, Roman Evocati, Roman Munifex, and more. Each NPC is unique and has vivid features. They’ll play important roles during players’ adventures.

Deity Beasts
Along with those powerful bosses, the deity beasts are monsters based on ancient Chinese legends. One of the four deity beasts, the Black Dragon, was already released in a previous version, and now the other three will be unveiled. The White Tiger, Phoenix and Iron Dino will offer players new challenges.

New Human Pets
Players may encounter two new human NPCs who will join them as pets.

Shizune (Element: Wind)
With skills like Wind Assault and her Cord Spell, Shizune is a force to be reckoned with. The daughter of a fearsome tribal leader, she left her tribe forever to find her missing beloved, Sam. Along the way, she met a pack of wolves, but fortunately for her, you have the chance to come to her rescue. If you’re successful, she and Sam will travel with you on your adventures.

Hayate (Element: Wind)
Hayate used to be one of Kurokawa’s ninjas, but one day she discovered that by serving in Kurokawa’s organization she had aligned herself with the forces of evil. When she left, Kurokawa placed a bounty on her head. If you find and rescue her, she will agree to join your team and help you defeat her evil mentor with her Deadly Assault and Dark Assault skills.

With wondrous new places and exciting new features to explore, the Glory of Empire promises to be the best version of Wonderland yet. Visit to learn more about Wonderland Online.

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