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Runes of Magic adds new Halloween events

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The Pumpkin Festival is underway in Runes of Magic, and adding to the existing events – including Kaz Madness, Monster Parade, Trick or Treat, and the Colored Ribbon Exchange – are two new events this year.

Visitors to Dalanis can partake in the Lil’ Pumpkins trick-or-treat daily quest, capturing five spirits scattered throughout the city within a set time. Also in Dalanis will be the Pumpkin King, who will challenge players to a quiz that must be answered by wearing emoticons. Perfect scores will result in the best prizes, but those who get only some right will still get a consolation prize.

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Runes of Magic Halloween Screenshots:


Trick-or-treat Taborea style

Runes of Magic celebrates Halloween with Pumpkin Festival event

BERLIN, 29/10/2010 – With Autumn casting its long shadow over the world of Taborea, Runes of Magic is preparing to celebrate all things ghastly and ghoulish with a newly expanded Pumpkin Festival event. On top of Runes of Magic Halloween favourites, this eerie event will offer up an XL haul of goodies, adding the Lil’ Pumpkins Trick-or-Treat and Pumpkin King games.

The Lil’ Pumpkins trick-or-treat offers visitors to Dalanis plenty of treats and more than enough tricks. This daily quest sends participants on a hunt to trap five pumpkin spirits scattered throughout the city before time runs out. These pumpkin pranksters are more than slippery and players might see their well-laid traps come up empty.

The Pumpkin King will also be holding court in Dalanis. In this event, his majesty will challenge players to a quiz that will force gamers to answers a series of questions by wearing their emoticons on their sleeve. Top treats are reserved for gamers who can obtain a perfect quiz score, but consolation prizes are available for those who get tricked.

This year’s event features the ghostly games of years past, including Kaz Madness, Monster Parade, Trick or Treat, and the Colored Ribbon Exchange.

For more information on the Pumpkin Festival event or Runes of Magic, visit the official website:

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