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Winter Warfare Arrives in MicroVolts

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Rock Hippo Productions has launched its latest update for MicroVolts: Winter Warfare.

New in this update are three stone-cold weapons: Crystal Swords, Icicle Rifles, and Ice Core Gatling Guns. Take on the form of Glacies C.H.I.P., Snowflake Pandora, or Glacier Naomi, or if you prefer, put Naomi in a Medic and First Aid kit. Or stay warm with the Dragon Toque, Rabbit Ears, and Bunny Ears.

New accessories will get you warming up for spring with the Roy-Ban Shaders, Boosters, Bass Speaker, and more; plus you can check out the 30% discount on Battery Rechargers, Battery Expansions, and Upgrade Resets!

MicroVolts Winter Warfare Screenshots:

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