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Wind of Changes – New Expansion for Allods Online is Live Worldwide

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Allods Bastion

All Allods Online players can enjoy Wind of Changes, the latest expansion now live on all European and American servers. In “Wind of Changes”, some major game features have been redesigned, and one of the most important changes being made is in the new Dominion!

With the new expansion, the Dominion has been significantly altered. Players can now say goodbye to all sectors on dominion map as the old Dominion lacked proper balance and only large and powerful guilds were able to progress on the map while completely overshadowing smaller guilds. Allods Online team has decided to implement a fairer system that will allow everybody to participate and to compete against enemies on the same level. This means that the battles will become more random, guilds won’t be able to use unfair strategies to avoid fighting, or benefit by simply being at the right place at the right moment. The New Dominion will be more fairly balanced, so champions will have to earn their place at the top.

Allods Mount WoC

In addition to the Dominion, players will also get a completely new PvP event in the game called “Scarlet Bastion”. The Scarlet Bastion will allow up to 30 players with different levels of equipment to fight face to face in the same arena. The event will take place twice a day. Participants will be grouped in two teams; the first team will contain 6 players with the highest gear score, the remaining 24 heroes will join the lower gear score team. Both parties will be fighting on a small island, where the six man team will have to defend the fortress against the opposing team of invaders.

With the launch of this new expansion Allods Online players will get an opportunity to try different classes without the need of creating a new in-game character, this is all thanks to the “Core Morpher”, a special scroll that can be purchased only at the auction house. As this item contains great potential of altering the balancing of the game world, it will be available every week from Monday to Saturday only at the auction house and another change will be possible after a month.

Wind of Changes will also bring some minor updates like a new and entirely re-designed in-game mail system which will bring great benefits to all players. We are also introducing new game modifiers to make your Sarnaut adventures even more exciting and challenging.

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