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WildStar: Jeremy Gaffney steps down as president of Carbine Studios

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In an interesting turn of events: Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Producer and President of Carbine Studios is stepping down as the president of the company in order to take a more consulting role moving forward. The reason for this sudden change may be related to ongoing stress from working with a big team over at Carbine, as well as other issues. Currently, it has not been reported who will be stepping in for Gaffney as president.

“I wanted to let you know that I’m stepping down as President of Carbine Studios. I’m not leaving entirely; I’ll be adopting more of a consulting role going forward with Carbine (and possibly elsewhere in the industry down the road). This is not a bad thing. Some of our current development stars will be stepping up to lead WildStar forward while I can help work with them from the outside.

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