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Uncharted Waters update brings new treasures

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A new Uncharted Waters Online update has gone live today, adding both new content as well as two special events for Halloween.

Players can now access the Catacomb Dungeon, the first dungeon of Uncharted Waters, to enter with a fleet and earn special items as well as a rewarding quest. The update also adds a new treasure system called Treasure Box.

From October 26 until November 2, players can attempt to destroy “The Phantom of the Mary Celeste,” a special ghost ship appearing only during this Halloween event. The event will also grant double experience, so make sure to get sailing!

Uncharted Waters Online is published by NetMarble.

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Uncharted Waters OnlineTM Launches a New Feature, Treasure Box

Nautical MMORPG introduces a new fun way to obtain most exclusive ships and items!

Seoul, South Korea – Oct 26th, 2011 – Today Netmarble announced the launch of Treasure Box, an exciting drawing system of most advanced ships and other useful items that players cannot obtain easily. Also, different from previous items, Treasure Box can be accessed in separate pop-up page. It can be activated even while players are sailing. Another strong feature of Treasure Box is that players do not need to worry about inventory overload. Obtained items of Treasure Box will be stored in ‘Bank’ for one (1) full year, and players can selectively pick-up their wanted items at anytime.

Along with the Treasure Box, special feature and events are also offered to Uncharted Waters Online sailors;

Catacomb Dungeon: Very first dungeon system of Uncharted Waters Online. Recruit fleet members and fight against to achieve special quest and items. See Detail
2X EXP Event (Oct 26th~Nov 2nd): Play and receive double EXP Points during the event period
Halloween Event (Oct 26th~Nov 2nd): Exciting in-game event to celebrate Halloween Day. Destroy the ghost ship named ‘The Phantom of the Mary Celeste.’ See Detail

With this new features and update of Uncharted Waters Online will enhance your gameplay and amuse your long, ordinary sailing. Join now and discover treasure, friendship and seafaring excitement.

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