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Uncharted Waters Online Releases Barca Solar Update

The second chapter of Uncharted Waters Online’s latest expansion, “Episode Atlantis,” has been released. The update, titled “Barca Solar,” adds several highly-anticipated new features.

1. Transmutation Alchemy: Improve existing items and create new items with special effects.

2. Ancient Ganador: Battle ancient galley ships, that can rain down devastating fire arrows upon your ship and crew.

3. New Adventure Quests and Maps: 20+ new discovery quests and 40+ new maps allow you to discover historical relics, fascinating animals, ancient ruins, and to explore new destinations such as the Sahara desert and Victoria Falls.

4. Three Beautiful Historical Ships:

Bucentaur – Venetian state barge of the Doges.

Windjammer – The grandest of merchant sailing ships. It’s said that the ship’s sails are so huge that it appears to be jamming the wind, hence the name.

Real – The flagship of Don Juan in the famous historical sea battle, The Battle of Lepanto. The Spanish alliance won a decisive victory over the Ottoman Empire while under his command.

UWO - Barca Solar Ships

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