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Top Gem Shines New in Brawl Busters

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Rock Hippo Productions has launched a new update for Brawl Busters – Top Gem. The new update, named after the new ranking syste,  introduces ranked matches and regular and holiday-themed costumes.

Players will finally find out where they really stand in the Buster hierarchy with new ranked matches.  Busters will have to defeat their rivals to boost their Gem Score and earn their spot in the legendary Emerald Rank. Ranked matches not only intensify the competitive factor of the game but players will be rewarded handsomely for their wins!

As players climb the ranks of Mega City, they’ll need to dress the part too: new “Sunburst Rebels” outfits are inspired by a secret revolutionary society and will help Busters channel their brave spirits and overthrow even the mightiest powers. Get into the holiday spirit early and decide who’s been naughty or nice with exclusive Santa outfits and weapons too!

Brawl Busters: Top Gem Screenshots

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