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Three Swordsman Classes Revealed

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Swordsman Whirlwind Attack

Perfect World Entertainment has released more detailed information today about three of the ten Swordsman Online classes. Each class – or martial arts school – is designed to be distinctly different from each other, offering a completely unique combat style. Today are revealed the Wu-Tang, Sun and Moon, and House Tang.

The Wu-Tang are masters of Taoism, combining inner force and physical strength to become superb group fighters. Swinging heavy two-handed blades with ease, masters of the Wu-Tang styles supplement their raw physical damage with effects that buff and heal themselves and their entire group. Some of their skills can create an attracting gravitational force, power up their attacks, and even sweep away enemies.

Wu Tang Dragons

The Sun and Moon are described as heretical disciples, deadly assassins with high mobility and heavy damage. Armed with twin blades linked by chain, many of their skills focus on single targets and let them attack in close quarters or at range. Their sinister powers can steal away the life force of enemies, distributing it to the cultist and their group. Skills also include multiple throwing techniques and status effects to control and cripple their foes.

House Tong relies on guns rather than blades. A family-like school, famous for their firearms and throwing weapons, House Tong members use traps to keep enemies at distance and attack from afar. These masters of firearms provide excellent damage in group combat situations, and with high attack speed and quick movement, the House Tong skills will frustrate any enemy. Skills allow House Tong members to deal damage to multiple targets, to strike away enemies that get too close, and to use traps to control and stun enemies.

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