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The Unique Game Experience of Viridis Unveiled

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The digital arts association Oudeis, with the development team of VIRIDIS, are pleased to unveil the universe and the first images of VIRIDIS. The videogame and the spirulina farm management are now available for all on

Warning! This is a live experience running from June to October 2014 do not miss it!

Follow the Guru character and get daily news of VIRIDIS on Twitter: @ViridisGame


“Child of the world after listen to the story of the past. Forge your future with these words repeatedly iterated . Listen … ”

In a post-apocalyptic world, the generations of survivors owe their lives to the “green antidote” VIRIDIS. This food and energetics resource immunize them against the effects of the fog that spread after the catastrophe. For any help, “the child of the world after” will only have the presence of the Guru, a mystical and wise character who confers the knowledge and the advices which will allow him to prolong the life of the community thanks to VIRIDIS.

Game Description:
The player, incarnates a “child of the world after” whose mission is to establish a new farm for a future colony. Each stage of its establishment is crucial, and he should haste to protect and build the farm. He will have to go in exploration, to collect materials, assemble them and employ them in order to create the growth conditions of VIRIDIS, which formerly was known as spirulina.

Community experience:
The progression of the player in the game allows him to acquire experience points, which are reinvested in the management of the real farm established in the Cevennes, in France. With the help of monitoring systems, automation and referendum, the players are collectively in charge of the production of spirulina.
The farmer is always connected to guide him, like a mentor, also found in the universe of the game, under the traits of the Guru. The interdependence between game and reality makes it possible to merge the experiment between virtuality and materiality.

Sandra Bébié-Valérian, co-founder of Oudeis
“Viridis is a unique game experience, an artistic and solidarity project. It is a question of reappropriating knowledge, codes, manners of making, to propose new conditions of production and living together.”

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