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The Great Equalizer: Kings and Legends’ Tournaments

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Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends, the unique card-based, free2play browser title, today launches the new daily Tournament system, a different way to compete for exclusive rewards. Based solely on a player’s skill and not the cards they have purchased, Tournaments will provide a unique twist on the card-based battle system Kings and Legends boasts. For those who haven’t tried all of the current Ascension update content, including the Ascension Tower PVE tournament, where players must face action-packed battles in their quest to rise to the top, dash over to the game now,

“We’re calling the Tournament system the great equalizer, because winners will be crowned by skill and adaptability, and not their card collection,” said Ronja Niklasson, Game Director for Kings and Legends. “It’s a totally different way of approaching tournament content, proving once again Kings and Legends is really blazing a unique path in the free2play browser game world!”

Tournaments run twice per day, with an additional tournament each Saturday. Two different tournament formats will be available: Equalizer and Sealed. The tournament categories will have multiple fight formats: 1v1, 2v2, Honor, and Gold. Each format and tournament type will provide players with rewards including Silver, Gold and Medals of Honor, which are used to purchase exclusive cards.

Kings and Legends

The Equalizer tournament format is the true balancer of the Kings and Legends battlefield. Giving each player 50 vitality and ignoring equipment bonuses, players build decks from a pool of legendary cards. Then, with players divided into tournament groups of 16, they play a series of 4 matches with increasing rewards depending on their total number of wins. As players cannot purchase special cards, there is no single advantage, and players can test out potential legendary cards in this fashion before purchasing them on the Auction House for their normal decks.

In the Sealed tournament, players will open up to 15 special Tournament Booster packs. These boosters contain cards ranging randomly from good, green quality cards to amazing legendary cards. Once players have built a deck, they are divided into tournament groups of 16 with increasing rewards for those players who manage the most wins against their opponents.

With ever increasing numbers of new players trying the game in the last week since the huge Ascension update the new tournament system should provide a level playing field for those starting out but also provide a new and formidable challenge for Kings and Legends more established players.

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