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Star Conflict: Dreadnoughts Update Now Available

Star Conflict Main Image

Star Conflict

A new update for Star Conflict by Gaijin Entertainment has been released. The new dreadnoughts update includes new locations, new quests, new aliens ships and more.


From today, corporations can start building their own Dreadnought!

Dreadnoughts are huge ships with destructive fire-power. They have a variety of systems, which can be constructed and damaged in the combat, for example their different weapons: torpedoes, combat drones and guns of various calibers.

Dreadnoughts can move between locations of open space to take part in Sector Conquest.

Control of the Sectors

One of the new features of “Sector Conquest” is the possibility to establish control over open world sectors with the Dreadnought.

Any corporation, who has a Dreadnought, can take part in this struggle for dominance.

A corporation, that took control over the location, can earn extra income, such as credits and Galactic Standards.

The fights in the open space for sectors will begin as soon as a sufficient number of Dreadnoughts have been constructed. Approximate date of the beginning of the battles — April, 16th. This date may vary depending on the activity of the current corporations.

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