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Anime-Inspired Onmyoji coming to West in Closed Beta

Smash-Hit Anime-Inspired Mobile RPG, Onmyoji, is Coming to the West – Thumb

NetEase’s Onmyoji has over 200 million downloads worldwide and is overwhelmingly popular in Asia. It was honored as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone games of 2016 in China, and one of Facebook’s 2016 Best Mobile Games. Starting today, it’s available on iOS and Android in North America for the first time, in a closed beta. Onmyoji is a 3D Japanese anime-style mobile RPG with strategic, turn-based combat in PvP or PVE battles, where players can adventure solo or with friends and guildmates to become the ultimate Onmyoji. Set in the mythical Heinan period where humans and spirits inhabit the same realm, the story follows the Onmyoji, a group of gifted individuals who are able to manipulate natural order and control spirits (or shikigami). Offering turn-based PVP, customization for your team to tackle epic bosses, and it has some incredible voices lent to it, such as  Rie Kugimiya (Full Metal Alchemist) and Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass). Players interested in signing up can click the link below to sign up!

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