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The Skies Announce Beta Keys via Steam Early Access

The Skies Announce Beta Keys via Steam Early Access

Eforb announced today that their highly anticipated MMORPG, The Skies, will soft launch on Steam Early Access on April 11th, 2016. Participation in the Steam Early Access will be available through beta keys obtained from participating websites between April 11th and 15th, and through The Skies’ community pages.

The Skies will be available to all players on April 16th with a Freemium pay model. A special Lifetime Premium Package will be available to players during the first month on Steam Early Access from April 16th to May 15th. The Lifetime Premium Package, available for a one time fee of $15, will grant players a variety of bonuses and unique perks that are only available for these early adopters. From May 16th Premium subscription will be available to players for $10 per month thus making the Lifetime Premium Package amazing value.

In the early 21st century increased solar activity culminates in the destruction of all of civilization on Earth. Chaos prevails as cities and forests burn out of control. Ash has intermingled with radioactive dust darkening the sky and causing poisonous rainfall. Those lucky enough found their way to shelters where they managed to remain for 150 years. Outside the protective walls of their steel and concrete bunkers, the dust settles and humanity once again climbs from the dust and into the sunlight. Your story begins here.

Speaking about the Steam Early Access The Skies, Lead Designer Anton Paramonov had this to say “Players in our early testing phase have helped us fine tune the vision we have for The Skies. We’re proud and excited to show our hard work to the world.”

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