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Hockey Dash Open Beta Begins June 3

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Hockey Dash, the upcoming sports MMO from OGPlanet, is entering open beta on June 3. This means on June 3 and onwards anyone who wants to play Hockey Dash will be able to without a beta key or anything special. Plus, there won’t be any more character wipes. In case you haven’t heard of Hockey Dash, it’s a 3D anime inspired hockey themed MMO.

OGPlanet also publishes Lost Saga, Rumble Fighter and LaTale.

From the Original Release:

After a successful closed beta test where many players got to try out the game, we have received many valuable feedbacks from players.

With the player feedbacks and focus on Fun & Competitive Sports Game in mind, we are coming anew with many major changes to the game.  Here are some of those changes:

– Collision delay that caused players unable to move has been severely reduced.
– Server issues with purchasing items have been addressed
– AI rooms no longer start the game as soon as the player joins
– Many errors with in-game texts and chat has been addressed


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