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Ragnarok Clicker Available Now on Steam

Ragnarok Clicker Available Now on Steam

WarpPortal has announced the arrival of Ragnarok Clicker, a new idle game in the Ragnarok universe.

Ragnarok Clicker is developed by Playsaurus, the developers behind the popular idle game Clicker Heroes. Ragnarok Clicker is available on Steam and will be available on mobile soon.

Ragnarok Clicker immerses the player, taking them back to Midgard to fight and defeat their favorite Ragnarok Online monsters from the original game without having to quest, travel or battle through the maps of a typical RPG. With infinite levels to unlock, this game can be enjoyed for 2 minutes, 2 hours – daily, weekly, and any time. Click monsters and use various skills to progress or enjoy an idle mode to slowly progress automatically!

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  • Hillmor

    No immersion at all. LIES!

  • NFT

    That game is a lame merchandise of the original game, whose is falling into pieces at every update.