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Shotgun News 11/8: STO, Warframe, Microvolts, and More!

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STO Dev Blog Highlights Federation Interiors Redesign

Star Trek Online Environment Artist Jeff “LCDRMiller” Miller has released the 18th dev blog for Season 8, this time all about the redesign for Federation interiors. After listening to player feedback they’ve made dynamic hallways and given it a more compact feel. They even go into detail on the new Origin bridge design.

Rockstar Update Strikes Microvolts

MicroVolts Surge Rock Stars 3

The latest update to Microvolts has arrived with new weapons, parts, accessories, and game improvements. Super and Premium Capsule Machines are being introduced and with luck on your side you could get Solar, Lunar, or Terra Grenades, Rifles, and Shotguns. And the Premium capsule has exclusive gear, new color sets, and are guaranteed to give out rare items.

Planetside 2 Headed For South Korea

SOE has announced a partnership with Daum Communications to bring Planetside 2 to the South Korean audience. There isn’t a launch date set yet but Planetside 2 will be on display at G-STAR next week.

Warframe Counting Down the Days to PS4 Launch

Warframe is celebrating being one of the games available for the Playstation 4 at launch in style. A free pre-order pack will be available for US and Canada for just a few days more. But it must be grabbed by November 12th. If you can’t wait that long for more Warframe excitement check out their teaser launch trailer below.

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