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Shot Online is Coming to Steam in January 2019

Shot Online to Steam

As of January 22nd, 2019, Webzen’s Shot Online will be available to the users of Steam, in a new partnership. This also marks the 14th anniversary of GamesCampus’ EU/US servers for the Gold MMO. Shot Online is an MMO golf game that brings the world of competitive sports straight to the player with role-playing elements, making it more than just an online sports game. Not many online games are in the position to proclaim survivability and success for more than 10 years on the MMO market. However, 14 years of achievements and successes have allowed Shot Online to continue to grow in the online gaming sphere. Along with this upcoming Steam release, the Shot Online team will differentiate from existing branches by renewing the structure of cash shop and contents for user convenience. To support new golfers, they will be providing various packages that contain valuable items to encourage level up, game-play, and to give cosmetic options.

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