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Second New Origins arriving in Dragon Saga

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Dragon Saga has announced that its next expansion, New Origins: Phase 2, will be released next week on November 15.

The update adds the Socket Card Exchange, letting players add Elemental bonuses to armors and weapons. Many bosses will also be gaining new elemental bonuses in the update. The update is also adding two new dungeons (Red Fox Delta and Spirit Dungeon), updates to F6 and F7 Mission maps, PvP changes, and new monsters, armor, and weapons.

Dragon Saga is published by Gravity Interactive, which also publishes Rose Online and Ragnarok Online.

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Master the Elements, Control your Destiny!

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (November 10, 2011) – The monsters of Dragon Saga are getting stronger with their new found elemental attributes but the Dragon Fellowship are preparing their warrior’s armors and weapons, to allow them to wield the power of the elements to fight off the hordes. Socket your armor, socket your weapons, you decide how you control the elements, in the latest DRAGON SAGA expansion: “New Origins: Phase 2” to be released on November 15th, 2011! More information can be found at

The New Origins: Phase 2 expansion will introduce heroes to the Socket Card Exchange, which will allow players to add Elemental attributes to their armor and weapons. This will give heroes an all new way to boost their characters in combination with the Enchanting and Soul crafting systems. Heroes aren’t the only ones getting the attribute system however, several of the bosses and other monsters will also be getting an elemental makeover. So heroes will have to stay on their toes to combine the right attributes to turn the tides of combat in their favor.

Together with the Elemental Attribute System comes:
·         New Dungeons
o   Red Fox Delta & Spirit Dungeon
·         New Monsters
·         New Armors & Weapons
·         F6 and F7 Mission map updates
·         PvP Changes
·         And more!

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