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Second Closed Beta Announced for Legend of Edda: Vengeance

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GamesCampus has announced the next round of closed beta testing for Legend of Edda: Vengeance will begin on February 14.  The team has spent the last two months to add polish and all new content into the game from the last closed beta event.

The game has been overhauled completely from the original Legend of Edda, giving players a vast amount of new features.  All class stats and skills have been revamped, as well as quest and monster kill rewards.  Rare and unique items, item sets, and identification has also been reintroduced in this version, giving a greater option for customization.  Upgrading has seen an increased success rate, and higher bonuses at higher ranks.

While Equipment Boxes and the Arena will not be immediately available for this round of testing, they are planned to be re-added in the near future.

GamesCampus also publishes Asda 2 and Scarlet Legacy.

GamesCampus, alongside EYASoft, has overhauled the original Legend of Edda, and players will be amazed by the number of changes that have happened over the last year as well as the last two months. Changes between the first and second beta include a revision of all class stats and skills, quest and monster killing rewards, and more to provide better game balance and progression. Rare and unique items, item set bonuses, and the item identification system have been reintroduced in to this version to provide more variety in character building and appearance. The Upgrading system has seen significant changes, with increased success rates and improved upgrade bonuses at higher ranks. During the closed beta, Equipment Boxes and the Arena will not be available, but are planned to return in the future. Players will be able to see all of these changes, and more to be revealed, starting next week!

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