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Robocraft: Playable demo available SOON

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UK based indie developer Freejam are delighted to announce that their Free-to-play MMO robotvehicle shooter Robocraft has successfully made the shortlist for the Develop Indie Showcase competition and will feature at the expo at this years Develop Conference in Brighton.

The Indie Showcase will be held at the Metropole Hilton on Wednesday the 9th of July and Thursday the 10th of July. After 12 months of development and now over 500,000 registered users, the Robocraft experience is now attracting the attention of some of the industry’s leading trade bodies and high profile game players.

Mark Simmons Game Director/CEO at Freejam commented

“We really happy to be have been shortlisted alongside some amazing UK indie talent. We’ve put our heart and soul into Robocraft so it’s great to be getting noticed. We’ve stayed under the radar pretty much while we get the game right, but now we’re ready to start coming out of the shadows”

Chair of the judges panel Adam Green from Assyria Games commented “While Robocrafts multi-player game-play is great within it’s own right; it’s the highly customisable vehicles that really make this title stand out.

Vehicles can be modular upgraded in such a way that provides endless re-playability. You find yourself continuously tinkering, testing and improving your craft in between matches, before eventually unleashing your carefully honed killing machine upon the world!

An excellent game, and one I’m sure delegates at the Develop in Brighton Conference are going to have a lot of fun checking out.”

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