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Rise of the Tycoon Now Available

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Rise of the Tycoon

Alina Digital has just launched open beta test of their new game – Rise of the Tycoon. This is absolute Grand Strategy game with very special and unique game ambiance! There is no any other game like Rise of the Tycoon on the market. Strategy games lovers are going to have unforgettable fun time by playing Rise of the Tycoon.

Game description

ROTT is massively multiplayer online social business political RTS  game ( Social Tycoon Political MMORPG/RTS ) that simulates business and political life in America. ROTT is free to play game. Joining as regular citizens players should build up individual career and achieve most of the game credits within limited period of time. The game provides different basic game tools how players can become rich and famous and it’s an individual choice of players how they use it. Including the dating with a right person!

Game features

  1. – Huge map of North America with 28 biggest cities on it. The travel time from the East coast to West coast in the slowest transport might take up to 15 minutes of the real time.
  2. – Awesome voting system! Politicians are able to submit their candidacy on regional and federal elections and all players are able to participate in it.
  3. – Four different markets for businessmen to operate in developed cities. Very easy system of operating private business with big amount of strategies how to do it ( without complex micromanagement ).
  4. – Realistic connection between politics and business. Governors and President/Prime Minister can expand market capacity for business to operate in it ( Light Industry and Heavy Industry ). Business can financially support politicians on elections.
  5. – Politician can choose its way and strategy for political career. It is either to generate wealth for private needs or to invest as much as possible into its country or region for grow and prosperity.
  6. – Quality of Life is a big matter now! More developed infrastructure and big amount of completed political missions will gain higher Quality of Life for region and country. Citizens of country with the higher Quality of Life will benefit twice more compared to citizens of the less developed country.
  7. And many more such as:
  8. – Realistic logistic system
  9. – Taxation, tariffs, visas, citizenship, minimal wage and many other adjustable options for politicians to operate
  10. – Political rallies
  11. – Private cars and real estate has effect on dating
  12. – Work career grow in players companies or tracker job for fast cash
  13. – Big amount of charts and political/business graphs
  14. – Two different soundtracks for a better game ambiance. Choose DAY or NIGHT soundtrack that fits better your mood at the moment!

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