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Ride into the Sunset in Digimon Masters: Two New Mounts Arrive

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Digimon Mounts

Leading online game developer and publisher Joymax delighted players with two new spectacular mounts as part of the January patch for their worldwide MMO sensation, Digimon Masters Online. The largest January update since its launch two years ago, this update added Digivolutions, mounts, and a special event!

Ever wanted to ride a massive Chaosmon? Now’s the perfect time! Tamers who grab a Chaotic Seat will be able to perch on their Digimon’s arm as he crashes around the world – and hopefully isn’t too chaotic in the process!

Owners of Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode will also be pleased to discover their Digimon can also now serve as a fast means of travel. Installing the new White Blade on an Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode will allow players to perch on his arm while he stomps through the Digital World – just be careful when he runs fast, his sword seems to have a life of its own! These new mounts are in addition to the new Lucemon Satan Burst mode and the ongoing Free Sweets events for February.

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