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Rangers of Oblivion Releases New Warblade Weapon

Rangers of Oblivion Warblade Update

The Warblade is a new weapon to Rangers of Oblivion and is not native to Malheim. Its origins are in a kingdom far to the east, brought to the Rangers by a mysterious swordsman. The Warblade has since become an invaluable weapon in the defense of the realm, used by a powerful band of warriors. A strike made in unison can cut down even the most fearsome foes.¬†Gripped in both hands, a variety of hack, slash and lunge combinations are possible, giving both power and speed to the user’s attacks. However, the wielder of a Warblade must be able to channel their Ki; an inner force that grows steadily in the heat of battle.¬†Proficient Warblade users can strike with deadly finesse. Mastering the tempo of combat by honing their Ki is something any Ranger opting for a Warblade should aim to achieve.

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