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Quantum Rush: New features available

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Quantum Rush

The online racer Quantum Rush entered the open beta just one week ago and is progressing at a breath-taking pace. Nearly every week a new patch brings changes, optimizations and new features to the game. Last week saw the introduction of the bonus shop and the in-game web browser.

Players can use the in-game browser to access the Quantum Rush website without leaving the game and the new bonus shop offers boosts and credits! Since today, it is also possible to purchase Qoins on the website! It is important to point out that there will be no more account resets. The reset at the beginning of the open beta was both the first and last one.

The other changes affect all parts of the game. Handling and gameplay are constantly improving. A special challenge is the balancing of the tracks and pick-ups. The feedback of the community plays in important role in this process.

After the account creation on and the client download, you can immediately join the action and fight for the top spots in the highscores.

Along with the different racing modes and the research and customisation features, the experience of competing against other players is a real highlight. The game is currently available in English and German, more languages will follow soon.

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