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Pirate Galaxy updates with new ships

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Pirate Galaxy, an MMO from Gamigo, has released a special new update that introduces new space ships.

An enemy tank ship, the A1N1-1, is now available for players to face, and rewards 100 gold per level up. Four rare spaceships are available for players who can find the blueprints that are hidden throughout the four star systems, and the communication system in-game has been revised to make it easier for players to group together.

The Original Press Release:

Pirate Galaxy – Seek out gamigo’s new special space ships

Hamburg, the 14 January 2010 – The universe is still threatened by the evil Mantis. It is time for the fearless space pirates in the 3D sci-fi MMOG Pirate Galaxy to get some reinforcement in their battle against the alien enemies. It is time for a new patch, chock full of new content!

Your goal now to conquer the end ship AnIn-1, the mightiest tank in the game. No other ship is so heavily armoured and manned as this colossal machine. But only experienced warriors of the universe are worthy – these will now earn 100 gold bars with each level up, thus coming one step closer each time to their dream of owning AnIn-1.

A new rare space ship is also available in each of the four star systems. But these can also only be obtained by space pirates who know the planets like the back of their hand. The blueprints are hidden somewhere out there…

Additionally, the entire ingame communication system has been reworked and now offers Pirate Galaxy players even more opportunities to band together against the Mantis.

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