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Perfect World Mobile To Add Classic Marriage System

Perfect World Mobile Classic Marriage System

Perfect World Games announced that a beloved system will be coming to its mobile release, Perfect World Mobile. The Classic Marriage System is coming to Perfect World Mobile in November 2019 and will let players connect with one another in an Oriental-inspired ceremony. In this ceremony, both matrimonial ceremony and battle will be represented, on both the iOS and Android mobile devices.

Players looking to be wed through the in-game marriage ceremony will need to be at least level 40 and have an intimacy rating of 1000. In order to begin the three-part ceremony, players will need to travel to Archosaur city and seek out the Golden Boy. Couples will be able to choose from a variety of options to customize their in-game wedding for personalization as well as invite friends and family to join in the festivities.

During this ceremony, players can earn Blessing Points. The more earned, the greater rewards those players will acquire once the ceremony has ended. Guess can also earn contribution points, which may allot them awards. Guests will have the chance to earn epic loot while increasing their contribution points. This is done by joining in on activities throughout the banquet.

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