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PAX West 2016 Day One Recap

PAX West 2016 Day One Recap

ArcheAge: Revelation (Trion)

We got some hands-on time with ArcheAge’s upcoming expansion, Revelation! Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with ArcheAge, just a bit of play here and there. I can’t speak for mechanics and things of that nature, but I really enjoyed the new additions to the cast: the Dwarves that join the Nuian Faction, and the Warborn, demonic creatures that join the Haranyan Alliance.

One of the best things about the Dwarves is kind of a silly one. The feedback from the fans is that they wanted the female Dwarves to have beards; so that was an addition! If you want your cute western-style female Dwarf to have a beard, that’s a reality! The Warborn were a more Eastern style group with demonic features.

ArcheAge New Races Lineup

The Warborn & Dwarves

These two classes will unfortunately be a bit behind thanks to being new, so they have a new mechanic. They can transform for a limited time to enhance their stats and unlock a whole new kit of abilities. The Dwarves turn into basically robots with rockets and punches and death. Warborn turn into bigger full-fledged demons with horns, tails, and fury. However you get stunned after the transformation wears off so it can’t be spammed and requires a bit of thought.Through levels 1-55 they will explore their own areas and 1-30 will be their own stories which both look interesting.

There is no level cap increase, but the Abyssal system will offer more skill customization that will make your characters more powerful without going upwards. More of a side-step. There are also new zones! They’re gorgeous, and each one will have a peace zone that have a sort of Community Center, where instead of fighting you wage economic war, trying to level up the commerce of the area for unique items and declaring a different kind of war: The war of the Bottom Line. This appeals to me a great deal to be totally honest.

They also spoke briefly about a new World Boss that flies through the air: Thundering Titan! Players who can fly can chase it down and try to drag it to the ground to deal with it a bit easier. It’s a new approach to that style of fight without a doubt. There will also be another set of Fresh Start servers, but there’s a caveat! You have to make a new account to join these so I imagine you can’t just transfer someone powerful over and obliterate people. The other final note was that professions go up from 180-230, so there will no doubt be lots of new things to craft. Though I again have little knowledge of what goes on in ArcheAge, it was visually appealing and the new additions to the game were without a doubt intriguing.

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ArcheAge PAX West Dev Interview

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