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Orcs Must Die! Unchained: Mage trainee Apprentice Now Available

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Orcs Must Die

Update 1.7 is here, and Gameforge is expanding the hero ranks in Orcs Must Die! Unchained with the high-spirited Apprentice. Heroes are now also clearly labelled, making it easier to tell whether a hero is suited to attack or defense. In addition, players can now see just how well their teammates are playing, thanks to a newly-introduced point scoring system.

Create Chaos with fire and ice
The Apprentice is a product of the prestigious school of War Mage. The bold adolescent can barely keep a handle on her magical powers, which often has her wandering from one catastrophe to the next. The product of one such catastrophe is Feebee, the little bat that supports Apprentice. In a match her unpredictability is clear to see: she changes her magic element and resistances, thereby able to take it to her enemies using a variety of fire, frost, lightning and arcane magic. If the young lady is not able to help herself out of a sticky situation with magic, then she always has her stolen tomb at hand, ready to swipe at the enemy.

Support from the community
Just like the Apprentice learnt tips and tricks from her teacher, the War Mage, publisher Gameforge and developer Robot Entertainment are learning things from the community feedback they are receiving.

“We are extremely grateful to the participants of the running closed beta, for their excellent feedback and for the support that they have given us so far. This form of feedback is incredibly important and valuable to us as we work on creating the best possible Orcs Must Die! experience”, said Patrick Winkler, Product Director of Orcs Must Die! Unchained at Gameforge.

Gameplay improvement
To promote balanced teams and to ease initial play for beginners, symbols now display a hero’s recommended position: attacking players are marked green with a sword; defence red with a shield. Moreover, in game players can now see how well their teammates are doing in the MVP ratings as well as who is the best leader and defender, providing another motivational impulse to make them give their all for their team. A selection of new skins then completes update 1.7’s offering.

The features of update 1.7 at a glance:
+ New hero: Apprentice
+ MVP ratings: ranking lists that show players their rating within their team
+ Symbols now show a hero’s ideal position, whether in attack or defence
+ New skins for the Ancestor, Temper, Ball-and-Chain, Prospector and Apprentice

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