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Nexon launches Hat Trick promotion

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Nexon America is offering players a chance to win prizes in its newest multi-game contest, the Nexon Hat Trick. The event runs until March 15.

Interested players must first join the event on its official page, and then obtain (or already have) level twenty characters in three Nexon games: Dragon Nest, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Vindictus. Players who enter and complete the Hat Trick by March 15 will earn about 20,000 NX worth of in-game goodies. Qualifying players will also be entered for a chance to win Karma Koin cards, an Alienware Aurora Desktop PC, and a “high-performance automobile.”


Nexon Invites Players to Score a Hat Trick in Its Action Games for Prizes

Players who complete the Nexon Hat Trick* by March 15th may be eligible to win a new car

Nexon America is challenging players to score a Nexon Hat Trick*, and players who do so can win prizes like Karma Koin cards, Alienware Aurora desktop PCs and perhaps even a new 2012 high-performance car. Nexon is awarding players with in-game rewards as well: every player who scores a Nexon Hat Trick by March 15 will receive approximately NX 20,000 worth of in-game goods for their characters in “Dragon Nest,” “Dungeon Fighter Online,” and “Vindictus.”

On March 15, three players who have scored the Nexon Hat Trick will be randomly selected to win an Alienware Aurora Desktop PC, and 30 players who have scored the Nexon Hat Trick will be chosen to receive a $50 Karma Koin card. In the event that 30,000 players achieve the Nexon Hat Trick by March 15, Nexon will then unlock the Grand Prize and select one lucky player who has scored the Nexon Hat Trick to win a new 2012 high-performance automobile.

To enter the event, players must enter through the “Join Event” button at Players who already have level 20 characters in all three games just need to join the event to qualify for the prizes and receive the in-game rewards. For more information about the Nexon Hat Trick event, including official rules and regulations and for eligibility information, visit

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