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New skills revealed for Dungeon Fighter Online

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In preparation for the release of the “Threshold of Power” expansion, Dungeon Fighter Online has released details of the new skills each class will be getting. Here are the skill descriptions:

Fighter class:

Illusion Sword Dance: Blade Masters can learn this skill, which quickly slashes enemies directly in front of the Blade Master multiple times and then, on the last slash, shoots an ethereal spirit sword at the area in front of the player.
Outrage Break: Berserkers will apply this skill by hammering the ground with a bloody spirit sword that launches enemies into the air and hits them with the debris created by the strike.
Summon Kalla of Dark Flame: Soul Benders will summon Kalla of Dark Flame, who will attack enemies with its dopplegangers. When hit by Kalla’s doubles, enemies burn with dark flames that deal magical damage at regular intervals.
Agni Pentacle: This skill creates a Weave Pentacle that lifts enemies into the sky and then inflicts damage with Agni’s fire for the Asura subclass.

Gunner Class:

X-1 Extruder: This Launcher skill harnesses a large amount of energy into an orb and releases it to inflict heavy damage.
Death Hawk: This will throw the Ranger’s gun, which whirls like a boomerang around the screen, inflicting shooting damage on an enemy before returning to the Ranger.
Sparrow Factory: Mechanics use this skill, which constructs a temporary factory that spits out damage-inflicting sparrows that attack enemies within range.
Neil the Sniper: The Spitfire subclass can use this skill to request a backup sniper to pick off enemies. Select a target by using the arrow keys and snipe by pressing the skill key.

    Mage class:

    Zealous Creature: Summoners utilize this skill, which increases the strength, intelligence, attack and movement speed of summoned creatures while also reducing their skill cooldown.
    Gold Dragon Spear: Battle Mages summon a Gold Dragon Spear, which stabs enemies directly in front of the Battle Mage, which herds them to a corner, detonates Dragon Chasers around them and finishes them off with a huge explosion that inflicts a lot of damage. Be wary because not all enemies can be herded.
    Florae Collider: The Witch subclass plants a Florae Collider into the ground and it generates a powerful electric field. This skill inflicts Neutral magic damage and immobilizes enemies.
    Mega Drill: The Witch who uses this skill will form a Mega Drill in the air and drops it onto the ground, creating a shockwave that inflicts Neutral damage on enemies. The Witch rides the drill, which is controlled with the arrow keys, to do more damage.

      Priest class:

      Healing Wind: This skill allows Crusaders to raise the HP and MP of allies within range and establishes a protective barrier.
      Hurricane’N’Roll: This skill pulls surrounding enemies toward the Monk, who then delivers consecutive right and left hooks before blowing enemies away with powerful uppercuts. This skill is only available when Will Driver is active.

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