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Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild Interview

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With Fury of the Feywild on the horizon for Neverwinter, we had an opportunity to ask some questions of Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios about their design for the expansion.  Andy Velasquez, Lead Producer for the team, took some time out of his busy schedule in order to give us some very well-thought out answers, which you can view below:

The inclusion of Sun and Moon Elves brings the total amount of elf races up to five, dwarfing (no pun intended) all other races. What prompted this decision?

We were really excited about having a comprehensive theme for the release of our Modules. Journeying into the Feywild gave us a lot of really cool critters, environments, weapon and armor sets, companions to mess around with and Races were no exception.

The Sun and Moon elves thematically are a fantastic fit with the Fey and so we were happy to offer them up as playable races.

Never fear for you Non-Elf fans out there. Many more player races will be coming!

This expansion seems a perfect opportunity to introduce a ranged, physical DPS, which is something the community has been clamoring for. Are there any plans to offer players a new class choice in the near future?

Oh a ranged physical DPS class eh? I feel like you are hunting for something specific with this line of questioning… :)

There are absolutely plans to offer players another class; and soon! In fact I have a playtest this week to check out some of the newest powers for the class that we’ll be releasing next.

Currently, each class only has one “specialization.” Is there any word on when more will be implemented?

We will be adding in some new paragon paths for all existing classes soon! We have many of them already through the initial stages of development and will be playtesting them internally and releasing to the test server in the coming months.

Our combat is very important to us and we really want to make sure that when we release these class additions that they come out GREAT! So please bear with us while we take the time we need too in order to make them awesome!

There are some new updates to the companion system in this expansion; what further plans do you have to help improve companions?

We have a ton of things that we want to continue to do in order to expand the companion system. Recently we tweaked DPS companions attacks.

We have plans to improve AI, targeting, power usage, collection book, costume options, new types of companions, and more!

In addition to what WE want to do we have been listening to player feedback and fixing up specific requested issues as well. So hit up our forums and let us know what you’d like to see!

Are Weaponsmithing and Artificing only available for crafting new items, or will players also be able to enhance existing equipment?

Similar to Armorsmithing these professions will be mostly for creating new items.

An existing equipment enhancing profession is interesting though.

It’s always the hope with user-generated content that players produce high-quality mods.  Is this the philosophy behind the Drag-and-Drop 3D editor?

Absolutely! Our goal with our updates to the Foundry are aimed at making the tool more accessible to new users as well giving more flexibility for existing authors to continue to make awesome content!

The Drag and drop editor is a real game changer in both those respects and we are really pumped to see what people can do with it.


Forgotten Realms is a realm rich in lore.  After the introduction to the Feywild and Feydark, what future areas does the team want to tackle the most?

ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!

Thay! Waterdeep! Spine of the world! Menzoberranzan! LUSKAN! Cormyr!

No really ALLL OFF ITTTT!!!!

Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild is set to release on August 22, 2013.  For more details, check out the Fury of the Feywild Trailer.

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