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Netdragon announces Conquer Online 3

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Netdragon (also known as TQ Digital) has announced that it is developing Conquer Online 3.

Conquer Online 3 is a follow-up to Conquer Online, holding to the game’s core successful elements while expanding on new ideas. The game will feature seven unique classes, each with its own specialties and skills. The game will make some “subtle” changes to pacing, adjust class balance, remove Battle Power, improve the economy, improve the graphics, and make improving and crafting gear more interesting.

TQ Digital also publishes Eudemons Online and Crazy Tao.


NetDragon Announces Conquer Online 3
Hong Kong – June 15, 2012 – NetDragon Websoft, the leading online game developer and publisher in China, announces the development of Conquer Online 3, which is a follow-up on their famous free-to-play game, Conquer Online. Conquer Online 3 is a fresh take on the oriental style of free-to-play online games, while holding true to Conquer Online’s successful elements, including simple gameplay, multiple classes, Chinese Kungfu, intensive PvP, as well as the special Rebirth system. In Conquer Online 3, there will be 7 unique classes to choose from, with each class having its own specialties in magic and skills. Players can guide their character’s to challenge the fiercest monsters and bosses, collecting formidable gear, fighting side by side with their comrades and be the Conqueror!

Compared to what the current iteration presents, the Conquer Online 3 game experience aims to make subtle changes to pacing, allowing both fierce actions and more relaxing enjoyments to harmoniously coexist. In the meantime, the balance for classes will be reshaped. The controversial Battle Power feature will be removed, and the economy system will be improved upon.

What’s more, forging and improvement of gear and characters will be of more interest, as well as the social interactions available to the community will be more convenient and useful. Last, but not least, the graphics will see a major improvement over the current look.

While in the process of developing Conquer Online 3, NetDragon Websoft focuses on the main concept of “We Listen, We Care”, with the hopes of creating a free-to-play game that is really “for the players”. To learn more, you can follow us on Facebook at for the latest updates and activities.

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