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Myth War 2 Online adds third advancement

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Myth War 2 Online has launched a new major update, adding a third advancement and more.

The level cap for the game has been raised to 164 for players, 160 for pets, and 100 for spells. Players can also seek out their third advancement, by first heading to the Withered Forest, where they must defeat a boss and gather items. The next challenge is in Evil Lair 4, to find a special staff, followed by Ashes Pit 4 to find a tome. A few more tests wait afterward, before the player can finally make their third advancement.

In addition, a new weekly event on Saturdays has been added.

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The Original Press Release:

Myth War II Online: New Patch to Add Third Advancement and More

In Myth War II Online, the gods are at war, but when the latest patch arrives, players will discover their own untapped potential. Among the updates the patch will introduce will be an increase in the level caps for players, pets and spells, the debut of a new regular weekly event, and most importantly the third advancement feature, also known as Rebirth.

Level Cap Increase
Players are eagerly anticipating the level cap increase. After the patch, player characters will be capped at Level 164, pets at Level 160 and spells at Level 100. This will give players more choices and room to improve their abilities.

New Weekly Event
The new regular event will be available on Saturdays each week. Watch the official Myth War II Online site at for more details.

Third Advancement: Rebirth
To perform the third advancement, players must pass a series of difficult tests. First, players must head to the Withered Forest in the depths of the Fog Jungle to gather certain items and defeat a tough boss. When they have completed this challenge, players next must find their way into Evil Lair 4 and recapture a special staff. After that, players must break into Ashes Pit 4 to find a tome, and then cast a magic formation with help from the tome’s guide. From there they will need to turn to Hades in Tumulus to dig up potential. Their final task will require them to defeat some challenging demons. After passing all of these tests, players can perform the third advancement and become much stronger than before.

Do you have what it takes to perform these feats and earn the right to awaken even greater power than you could have ever imagined? Your chance to find out is coming soon!

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