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Portal Knights Receives New ‘Adventurer’ Update

An exciting new update for Portal Knights is available today on both PC and Mobile, and it provides a lot of new content for the title. The new Warrior guild is filled to the brim with new NPCs to interact with, as well as quests and items, and players will be able to sally out to Fort Finch to explore the legendary structure that once ruled over the land. New items such as water pumps and drains can be attained from merchants, as well as a new drawbridge, potted plants and more beyond that to offer more creative¬†options for building. PC players also can set up dedicated servers to continue their adventures, even when their friends are offline. That’s just the beginning! In addition players can look forward to:

  • Dungeon Improvements: Courageous and brave players will be handsomely rewarded by discovering new treasure chests only available in the deepest, darkest corners of dungeons.
  • Treasure and Adventure Porting: Players can bring NPCs back to their home world after completing quests, allowing players to transform their vacant islands into towns, pets included! Interact with furniture and fast forward through the dangerous perils of night by sleeping in a bed.
  • Combat Improvements: More than 20 new weapons have been added across all classes, along with improvements to weapon crafting. Updates will also provide players with a new combat vignette, drop table improvements for enemies and a new backstab mechanic to deal even more damage when attacking foes from behind!
  • Cloud Saving: Pick up and play on any PC with new cloud saving feature!
  • Controller Support (Mobile Only): Portal Knights on Mobile will now support most MFi controllers

All platforms can also enjoy a new Spring Festival event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It will run until March 5th, 2018, and will task players with aiding the Emperor to solve mysterious troubles that plague his island. Completing quests in this event will reward players with exclusive Spring Festival themed items and pets such as adorable pandas and dragons. Players also have the potential to unlock a brand new themed island!

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