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Monster Super League Launches Worldwide

Leading mobile game publisher and developer Four Thirty Three Inc. brings its latest action-packed, collection mobile role-playing game (RPG), Monster Super League to mobile devices worldwide.  Mobile gamers can now enjoy the newest wave of capture, collect and evolve mobile games – available now for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Fans of modern and classic collection games can revel in the world created in Monster Super League, a unique take on strategy RPGs, giving players the chance to journey through eight distinct regions filled with over 550 unique and lively Astromon to capture and train. Players assemble an army of the cutest of allies – each fitted with different elemental properties and combat styles – through Monster Super League’s on-field capture system. Using the game’s customizable growth system, players can evolve each Astromon into formidable forces in the Astromon League challenging a sea of enemies.

Youngho Park, CEO of Four Thirty Three Inc. stated:

In a world where fads come and go, we’re excited to bring a title that doesn’t fit the normal scheme of mobile games to the market, while still providing gamers with the nostalgic feel of gaming from the 90s. Players should prepare themselves for a widely addictive experience with Monster Super League as they capture, collect and train to become the best trainer in the world… or maybe just in their country.

In Monster Super League future Astromon trainers will:

  • Embark on an engaging, yet treacherous single player adventure to become a legendary Astromon trainer and champion of the Monster Super League;
  • Traverse through eight stunningly designed story regions and three special regions;
  • Capture, collect and evolve diverse and powerful Astromon across the different lands;
  • Compete in dynamic PvP battles with a trained team of Astromons to dominate the league;
  • Share thoughts with like-minded trainers and create your own strategies.

Monster Super League is available now to play for free on iOS and Android worldwide.

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