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MMO51 Releases Update for Call of Roma

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MMO51 has announced a new release for Call Of Roma. The new updates will feature new NPC’s, new Items and new equipment.

Call Of Roma is a great city building game that lets you in control of your own ancient city with a Romanesque style theme. The basic goals are to build structures for your citizens and other buildings that enable you to develop an army. This is no easy task and it’s a constant struggle to keep the balance between accumulation of resources and expansion of army. You need strategy, alliance, micro management of resources, manage population and commerce of your city. The new updates will greatly enhance the experience of veteran players.


New NPC is one of the ways to get Bright Equipment.

– Evil Team

– Evil Squadron

– Evil Army

New Item

New item is to exchange for Bright Equipment

– Evil Army Pass

– Bright Medal

– Bright Emblem

– Bright Piece

–  Power of Bright

Bright Equipment

Bright Helment

HP +80

Offense +20

Technique: Rain of Arrows

Bright Armor

HP +80

Defense +30

Technique: Testudo

Bright Boots

Offense +20

Damage +15

Bright Pike

Offense +65

Damage +35

Bright Shield

HP +95

Defense +40

Item Change

Reversion Act

Price Change: 20 Gold to 8 Gold

Function Change: None

DeArchitect Manuscript

Price Change: 100 Gold to 150 Gold

Function Change: Shorten One Project Building Time 30% to 90%

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