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Maestia relaunches on Alaplaya

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Alaplaya has officially relaunched Maestia, a fantasy MMORPG originally published by BigPoint.

The relaunch included a launch of a new update, “Rise of Keledus.” The update revises all maps, dungeons, monsters, item drops, and some character models. New features include set effects for rare and expert dungeon equipment, new HDR graphics options, major skill readjustments for mages and rangers, improvements to group experience and options, increased hitpoints, new crafting and Maestones, and much more.

Alaplaya also publishes ARGO Online and Florensia.

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But that’s not it yet! For its launch on Maestia is getting a massive update: With “Rise of Keledus” a completely new chapter will be opened up. All players who confide in the power of the Maestones will be delighted about the 3 times higher drop-rate. Moreover the functions of the Maestones are going to be categorized by player-level to ensure a higher possibility of individualizing your class skills. Besides you can indulge in your gathering-passion with hundreds of new items. Enjoy the numerable enhancements of the party-play as well as the upcoming raid-content for level 100 players and guilds.

But Maestia isn’t just getting a content-wise refurbishment. Also technically the game is going to reach the next level! The graphics of all weapons, armors, characters, monsters and maps have been edited. And besides the general performance improvement you can enjoy new graphic-effects such as High Dynamic Range as option for high-contrast imaging.

Please post your comments here. More information about the launch of Maestia will follow soon.

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