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League of Angels II Introduces New Hero Durona

League of Angels II Durona Header

Yoozoo and League of Angels II have announced the arrival of a new hero: Durona.

Belonging to the royal Black Dragon family, Durona began exploring the world when he was young. Unfortunately he came across a fragment of the Justice Wheel, and became enslaved to Hades as an undead dragon until the angel Joanna freed him.

Durona’s skills are as follows:

Dragon Art: Thunderbreak

Deal (288%+10720) DMG to all enemies and increase ATK, Hit, and Crit of entire squad by 10% for 2 turns (this effect can stack 2 times and cannot be dispelled).

Dragon Art: Impale

Deal (368%+13720) DMG to the main target with a 60% chance to kill instantly if target’s HP is below 35%; Deal 80% of skill’s damage to enemy behind the main target and stun them for 1 turn (this effect ignores immunities); this skill replaces hero’s basic attack.

Dragon Art: Lineage

While in battle, Durona’s max HP and DEF is increased by 15%; at the start of each turn, Durona loses 5% of her max HP and gains 100 additional Rage.

Eroding Moon (Prototype)

  • ž   Unique Effect “Onslaught”: Increase ATK of entire squad by 30% of Durona’s ATK;
  • ž   Durona is immune to Rage stealing and Rage reduction effects;
  • ž   When using Durona’s Ultimate skill, there is a 50% chance to gain 500 Rage (this effect can only trigger once per turn and the Rage gained is not affected by any other effects);
  • ž   Durona reduces all Rage gain of all enemies by 40% for 5 turns (this skill does not stack with Dora’s skill).

Join the Resource Tycoon from June 4th to June 9th to claim Durona if you want to increase your combat power.

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