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Land of Chaos Online launches UI update

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Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) has updated with a new patch designed to improve the user interface and reward system.

The new game lobby features a simple “Play a Game” button to allow them to jump straight to a game, as well as a “Play with Friends” button to easily invite friends and start a game. Groups and guilds have also had their team-guild system improved. The new assist system also lets players earn experience, gold, and points for helping to kill an enemy, regardless of who gets the final blow.

Land of Chaos Online is published by burda:ic (alaplaya), which also publishes S4 League, Avalon Heroes, and Florensia.

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burda:ic Launches User-Focused Lobby Redesign for LOCO – Land of Chaos Online

Update Adds Simpler User Interface and Introduces New Assist System

MUNICH – January 25, 2011
burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced an update for RTS Action MMO LOCO – Land of Chaos Online that features a slew of in-game user interface improvements, as well as the introduction of an all-new assist system. The update is now available for players worldwide to download upon logging in to the game.

Entering the new LOCO game lobby, players will find that it is now easier than ever to jump into combat. Users just need to press the “Play a Game” button at the top of the screen, and they’ll be on their way to the battlefield straightaway. Similarly, a “Play with Friends” button has been added, making it simple to invite friends and quickly start a game. The team-guild system has also been revamped, allowing groups and guilds to assemble more efficiently for their practice sessions.

Along with these design changes, burda:ic has introduced a new assist system that gives players the chance to nab extra EXP, gold and in-game points in combat. Previously, when a player applied the finishing blow to a monster, only that player was rewarded. With the new assist system in effect, any characters that help to kill an enemy will now also get a cut of the spoils. This is true for all monsters on the battlefield, not just bosses, ensuring that players can quickly amass a ton of loot by helping out their fellow fighters!

To learn more about this update, as well as all the mayhem found within LOCO – Land of Chaos Online, visit the official website at

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