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Kynari Aviary released for Aika Online

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Gala-Net’s Aika Online has released a new dungeon: the Kynari Aviary.

This new dungeon plays home to half-bird, half-man creatures known as the Kynari. A particular Kynari, Darkrane, has seized control of the forest and players must help defeat him to bring peace to the region again. In addition to the instance release, 29 new quests have been added.

The instance is designed for parties of six, and has three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Elite. Normal difficulty drops crafting materials, while Hard Mode drops rare materials and Elite mode drops special items and crafting recipes including Level 60 Superior Set armor pieces.

AIKA Kynari Aviary Screenshots:


Aika Online Releases Kynari Aviary Dungeon!

Sunnyvale, CA—September 9th, 2010 Gala-Net is excited to announce the most robust dungeon instance in their hardcore 1000 vs 1000 PvP game, Aika Online.

Darkrane Forest, once a tropical paradise and home of half-bird half-man creatures known as the Kynari, is now the epicenter of a vicious civil war.

The Kynari’s tranquil homeland was shattered by a young usurper, the ruthless Kynari Darkrane, who manipulated his way to the top.  As the self-proclaimed High Castor of the Kynari, Darkrane and his followers have seized control of the forest and must be taken down.   It is up the players to help bring peace to the land of Lakia and make the deceitful Darkrane pay for the lives he has taken.

Parties of 6 can storm Darkrane’s floating stronghold, the Kynari Aviary, and will be able to choose from one of three difficulties, Normal, Hard, and Elite, to challenge their party for better gear and more experience.

Aimed at more casual players, the Normal difficulty drops special materials integral for leveling crafting abilities.  For the more experienced parties, the Hard mode gives players access to rare materials only available at this difficulty.  The Elite mode is for only the most experienced players, and features the most powerful items and crafting recipes available in game.

The Aviary Dungeon is the largest and most elaborate dungeon to be released in Aika Online, and comes with a content update of 29 new quests, concluding the epic storyline of Darkrane’s tyranny over the Kynari people.

Filled with Level 60 Superior Set armor pieces, Sealed Unique Items with powerful set effects, and other rare crafting items, the Kynari Aviary is the final showdown of Aika’s most recent expansion, Ashes of Betrayal.

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