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Death Valley map released for Alliance of Valiant Arms

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Alliance of Valiant Arms has released a new map this week, titled Death Valley.

The new Death Valley map includes mutant super-soldiers armed with chainsaws and other environmental hazards and brutes. The map encourages a cooperative mode, tasking players to work together to survive and escape the Valley alive.

The update has also added two new rare item rewards, new weapons including the M4A1 Chrome,  and new items.

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The Original Press Release:

Fear No Evil in Alliance of Valiant Arms’ New Death Valley

Popular Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter offers new co-op mode in recent update

Players need a calm mind and steady shot to make their way through Death Valley, the new map and co-op game mode added in the most recent update to Alliance of Valiant Arms.The popular online shooter from presents a brand new style of gameplay which requires some serious teamwork for both veteran and amateur FPS players. The new Death Valley map pits players against challenging new threats, including AI-controlled mutant super-soldiers wielding chainsaws, barrel-hurling brutes and deadly environmental hazards. Breaking away from the multiplayer online FPS staple of head-to-head combat, players must work together cooperatively to overcome the challenges and escape Death Valley alive.

The new mode admits a group of friends and comrades together into a challenging mission, as both teamwork and individual skill are crucial to success in Death Valley. Players must use their individual skills and adjust their team tactics as they face varied and unforgiving challenges throughout the new map.

In addition to the new co-op map, the Death Valley update includes:

  • Rare Item Rewards

o   Panfilov Mask – Users can earn the mask of Death Valley’s villain by defeating him and wear it to show off their accomplishment

o   Anaconda and El-Raffe Kukri – Unique combat knives with a wealth of modern improvements

  • New Weapons

o   M4A1 Chrome -A sleek variation of the popular M4A1 assault rifle made with a special steel alloy and chrome plating that provides greater accuracy and resistance to abrasion

o   Knight SR25 – A new generation of superbly accurate and reliable semi-automatic sniper rifle

  • New Items

o   M18 Blue Smoke Grenade – The smoke grenade emits a blue smoke that lasts longer than the M18 RED, but screens a smaller area

o  Combat Respawn – Players in a Scenario or Suppression mission can respawn within 10 seconds of their death by using this item

To join in on the exciting action in Alliance of Valiant Arms, players can enlist for free at Players can also join the fight as part of the A.V.A community on Facebook.

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