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Knight Online announces holiday events

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Seems a little late to do so, but Knight Online has announced their holiday events for the end of the year.

Events include multi-player snowman building, which will result in a blessing for all players when it gets big enough, the introduction of a “rowdy” snowman in PvP zones that drops unique holiday items, more killable snowmen, and a “secret gift” from KOL sometime during the holiday period.

New Holiday Screenshots:

The Original Press Release:

KOL Marks The Season With In-Game Holiday Festivities

Irvine, Calif.– December 23, 2009 – Knight Online, a premier MMORPG title of GamersFirst (, celebrates the holidays with multiple holiday events in-game.

• Build a Snowman – Players must work together to build a snowman. Users gather with their fellow countrymen outside their respective castles and transform the small snowman into a magnificent giant snowman. Once the snowman reaches a specific size he will bless everyone in the area with a special reward.

• The Rowdy Snowman – This event puts the angry and rebellious snowman against players in PvP zones. Players that encounter the Rowdy Snowman must defeat him in order to receive unique holiday items.

• Parfait’s Gift – This is a special holiday gift that can be obtained by defeating snowmen throughout Moradon, El Morad and Luferson Castle. The rewards include limited edition stones; which increase your attributes for a certain amount of time.

• Secret Event – KOL offers an additional secret event, only discoverable through playing during the holiday season.

Gamers can enjoy Knight Online’s annual holiday events by logging in anytime between December 18th to December 29th, with a possibly extension to the New Year. Happy Holidays!

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