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Jagged Alliance Online resets with new update

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Jagged Alliance Online has released a major new update that includes PvP changes and an account reset.

The PvP system has been retuned to include improved matchmaking, pre-and-post battle healing, a centralized PvP area on the world map, and new global leaderboards. The world map has also been retuned to show the difficulty of missions and achievements on the map, as well as some user interface adjustments.

The update includes an account reset for all accounts, meaning all players will have to create new companies (although they will keep their gold).

Jagged Alliance Online is published by gamigo, which also publishes Black Prophecy and Loong.

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Jagged Alliance Online gets comprehensive update
Hamburg, May 3, 2012 – The latest milestone of the turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance Online brings with it a reworked PvP system, an improved world map and adjustments to the difficulty of the game. As a result, the mercenaries that players know and love can be hired much earlier on and are no longer only available to high-level players.

The changes to the PvP system apply mostly to matchmaking, which now finds equal opponents more quickly. A new global ranking list, which shows the best PvP players in all game modes, has also been added. The world map now has a centralized PvP area that connects the PvP missions, which were previously separate. To provide a better overview and help players find a suitable mission more quickly, the difficulty of a mission is now shown on the world map.

Jagged Alliance Online is currently in the open beta phase of testing. Registration is free and there are no monthly subscription fees.

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