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League of Angels 3 Gets Ready for Halloween with ‘Haunting Eve’

LOA3 - Haunting Eve -image

League of Angels 3‘s ‘Haunting Eve’ festival will last from October 24th until November 6th, and familiar areas will be decked out with Haunting Eve decor. From November 1st until November 5th, players can dress up as a vampire or witch with the Crimson Masquerade costume, by participating in Haunting Eve events. A brand-new legendary offensive hero, Omen the headless horseman will also be available as a featured hero for players to unlock during this period. Spooky items will be available periodically, and by continuously logging in and completing tasks, players can acquire pumpkin headgear, “Jack’s Helmet”, or get the new mount “the Witch’s Broom”. The legendary relic, Eternal Mirror, will also be available for players to obtain, a wondrous item that can bring back your fallen teammates.

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