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Ironkill Launches Killer New User Experience and Content Update

Ironkill Launches Killer New User Experience and Content Update news header

Play Motion today announced that its ultimate robot action title for Android and iOS, Ironkill, has launched a huge update that nearly doubles the game in scope and content as the game is highlighted on the Google Play Store. The comprehensive update aims to redefine the core robot fighting experience on mobile by introducing 12 new robots, huge event rewards and an intuitive player experience.

“This massive new update brings richer visuals, animations and effects to make the Ironkill world truly come alive,” said Prabodh Pallu, Executive Producer of Ironkill. “From an in-depth tutorial for new players to the rich new 3D interface to the devastating impact of 12 top new robot fighters, this is the way Ironkill deserves to be experienced—it’s a whole new level in robot fighting.”

Twelve enhanced and deadly new robots greatly expand the collection of fighters in the Ironkill universe. These robots not only look great, but also add upgraded skills and abilities needed both for intense battles—whether versus rivals or in high-stakes events across the world. With the update, players can now win event-related bonus rewards ranging from in-game currency to enhanced robots. The game’s economy has been finely tuned to make all content more affordable and accessible to players. With a number of improvements and add-ons, the Ironkill User Experience Update is sure to entertain both newcomers and existing players alike.

In Ironkill, players build, fight and upgrade robots as they battle for dominance. It’s survival of the fittest in a sport where the best steel and strongest fighting skills win. Players customize and level up robots while fighting matches against mechanical opponents from around the world. Brutal but intuitive button-mashing combat, a plethora of mechanical warriors with outsize personalities, and extensive options for research, customization and leveling up all come together to set the new standard for robot fighting.

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