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Illyriad Introduces New User Interface And More

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Illyriad has released a new update introducing a new user interface, friends lists, and more.

The user interface redesign has been developed to make it more user-friendly and introduce more features including additional navigation options, a search tool, tabbed sidebar settings, a friends list, and an interactive lore-book.

Additionally, the game has introduced the Alliance Medal system. Players can combine hundreds of pieces into a design for a medal, and then award these medals to their Alliance fellows, complete with a custom title for the player’s profile page. This new system lets the community award prizes, awards, and rankings to each other. Medals are purchased in a shared Alliance Prestige Pool system, where players can donate in-game currency into a shared Alliance bank.

A walkthrough of these changes is available in the latest Dev-chat video.

Illyriad Dev Chat: New UIv3 and Alliance Medals


Illyriad Update Introduces New UI and Alliance Medals

Illyriad, the acclaimed HTML5 massively multiplayer online strategy game, introduces a new user interface, Alliance Medal award system, friends lists and more.

The new Alliance Medal system allows players to design a deeply customizable award from hundreds of unique pieces that can be combined to create thousands of unique design options. Players can then award the medal to a fellow member of their in-game Alliance to be displayed along with a custom title on the player’s profile page. Medals give Illyriad players an opportunity to grant prizes, awards and inter-alliance rankings for their peers in a meaningful and interactive way. Medals are purchased through a new shared Alliance Prestige Pool system that allows players to donate in-game currency into a shared bank for Alliance use.

A refreshed user interface is also now available in game. The re-designed UI gives a cleaner, more user-friendly visual appearance and adds many usability improvements including: additional navigation options, tabbed sidebar settings, a game-wide search tool, new friends list feature and an interactive lore book within the game.

Video with a walk-through of the UI changes and medal designer is available here:

Illyriad’s latest update, including these and other features, goes live this weekend.

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