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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Begins Open Beta July 27

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The open beta for Heroes of Three Kingdoms by Perfect World Entertainment begins July 27, 2010 at 4:30 PM PT. The game in closed beta for a short while and anyone could access it freely. Now that the game is launching into open beta, players don’t need to worry about any more character wipes.

Some quick history about Heroes of Three Kingdoms. The game is the exact same game as “Red Cliff” which Cubizone publishes in Malaysia. Heroes of Three Kingdoms is set during the period of the Three Kingdoms after the battle of Red Cliff. The game has great graphics and a whole lot of variety with the number of “weapons” (which act as classes) available.

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From the Original Source:

Our first history-based MMO, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, will be launching its open beta today at 4:30pm PT! As a way to help introduce new players to the game as well as story behind the Heroes of Three Kingdoms, we’ve put together the third video developer diary as well as Part IV of the HOTK Machinima: The Justice….

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