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Heroes of Might and Magic Online Enters Closed Beta

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Heroes of Might and Magic is a classic RPG series that popularized turn-based combat. While we in the West continued to get single-player versions, the Chinese were enjoying an MMORPG version. Well thanks to TQ Digital and Ubisoft we’ll now get to play Heroes of Might and Magic Online in the US.

The closed beta launched on May 7th, 2010 and will continue for an undiscosed time. There will be a data wipe at the end of the closed beta, so players should use this opportunity to experiment with the game. HoMMO isn’t for everyone. The graphics and gameplay are a bit dated, but fans of the series should check it out. To learn more about the game, check out our official preview page. We’ll post more on the game as it approaches open beta!

Full Release:

After several years of co-development with Ubisoft, we are proud to announce that the closed beta of Heroes of Might and Magic online will begin today, May 7th! The granddaddy of Strategy MMOs is still offering players the chance to be first in on the action! Simply download the closed beta client, apply for your key, and then activate it here to join our Data Wipe Closed Beta!

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