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Hero Commander: Void Maze now available

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Hero commander has released a big event today. The Void Maze is a mysterious place with plenty of opportunities and challenges. When players are in the Void Maze, the visibility distance is only 8 tiles. What they need to do is to trigger as many tasks as possible and win the maximum amount of points in a limited period of time!

HC Void

Opportunity Always Comes With Challenge

Different kinds of events will be found in the Void Maze, but not all of them give attributes. Sometimes players will face different issues such as Shadow Strike. If you are confident in your B.R, do not hesitate to send in a heavy attack!


Luck Is Also a Kind of Talent

Among these events, there are also ones that depend on the luck. For example, in the Crystal Ball, players may find that there are crystal balls that not only add to their points but also cut them. It may be a wise choice to avoid them at the very beginning in order to keep your point count in the positive.


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